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Monday, May 31, 2010

NaBloPoMo: I did it!

Who-hoo! I did it! NaBloPoMo, I sure showed you! This very post that you are reading at this very moment marks the 31st post written to Clogs and Tulips for the month of May. It wasn't always easy, but here we are... we made it.

Unfortunately, there were a few casualties along the way. As I mentioned in my NaBloPoMo post at the beginning of the month, I also signed up my other two blogs Little Broadway Blog and Stuff Made With Yarn. We lost Stuff Made With Yarn after seventeen days due to lack of time to research and write relevant content to the blog. Little Broadway Blog fell only two days before the war ended. Cause of death: not enough content, period. I did revisit each of them today to do a NaBloPoMo update. Appropriate as it is Memorial Day in the US today.

On the upside, with all three blogs participating, I wrote a total of seventy-nine blog entries this month. While impressive, this is something I will never do again! One thing I have learned, however, is that there is no shortage of topics to blog about. Particularly for this blog. Even after thirty-one consecutive days of blogging, I have not even come close to exhausting the long list of topics I'd like to touch on on this blog. Who knows, maybe in January I'll come back to NaBloPoMo with the goal of posting every day for a whole year. I haven't decided if I'm that out of touch with my sanity yet to do so.

So much has been covered this month on Clogs and Tulips. This month saw the beginning of my newest series Learn Dutch Through Music. My interviews were seen on Expat Alley and Global Girl, and we read my personal account of Culture Shock in the Netherlands. I shared a bit about my involvement in NaBloPoMo and The Secret Post Club and continued my Mundane Tasks series with Let's Go To the Movies. There was a book review and a movie review, I went on an inburgering rant, and we learned what that annoying sound is every first Monday of the month at noon. Now you know what 10 things you should carry on you at all times in the Netherlands, can speak with the Dutch animals, and explain the difference between Holland and The Netherlands. Together, we celebrated Mother's Day, Queen's Day, Memorial Day, and Liberation Day. People stopped by for the Blog Jog, you were asked to leave suggestions on how I can make Clogs and Tulips better for you, and membership to the Clogs and Tulips: An American in Holland Facebook Page is ever increasing. Proudly, I announced my first issue as editor for The Contact, worked on another Meme from Isabella, and shared with you my article on healthcare in the Netherlands. Whew, what a busy month!

Many of you are for sure breathing a sigh of relief that you no longer have to hear me babble every day. Rest assured, I'm relieved that I no longer have to babble every day!

Next month brings some very exciting developments to Clogs and Tulips. First, I begin the Tiptoe Through the Tulips interview series and you'll also begin to see some guest posts by other bloggers. If you wold like information on doing an interview or have a guest post idea, please contact me via email at As June 9th is Parliament elections in the Netherlands, June 1-9 will see a series on elections in the Netherlands.

Also, be sure to take part in the latest poll, "Which party are you planning to vote for during the June 2010 election in the Netherlands?" There are 10 days left to vote. An option exists for those who are not able to vote, but if you know who you would vote for if you could, please indicate what your choice would be. Sites like Stemwijzer and the fun Stepwijzer will help you decide (sites only in Dutch).

Thanks again for your support, readership, comments, and friendship and looking forward to a new direction!

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Aledys Ver said...

Wow, 31 blog entries! well done! There are certainly plenty of topics to choose from here in NL - good that you had the time and the inspirationg to do this!

Anne-Marie McDonagh said...

Great job this month Tiffany!! Ik ben heel trots op jou!!

Invader_Stu said...

Congratulations. That's a lot of writing.

Nicola said...

Cor blimey you must be exhausted. Well done!!! Its great you have so much to write about you're inspiring.

Are you going to the IWCU Monthly meeting next week with Jo Parfitt?

Habebi said...

Congratulations! You undertook quite a task and I for one really enjoyed your posts here on Clogs. Thanks for babbling and remember it is enjoyed no matter what the frequency. :)

American Cloggie said...

Thanks everyone for your comments and compliments and kind words! It was fun, but I am exhausted!

TheLadyWhoLunches said...

Oh wow, just saw you are on Demand Studios too! There are so many of us!

TheLadyWhoLunches said...

Amazing! I am exhausted for you, but you should definitely be proud. I'd be interested in guest posting! Go you, you determined American, you!

American Cloggie said...

Hey! The other determined American expat ;) Great to have you on the blog. I would love love love for you to do a guest post! You pick the topic as long as it's something along the expat theme. I'll get in touch with you via email tout suite! I don't get as much writing for Demand done as I should... gotta do more of that! Who else is on Demand Studios? I know there's so much hullabulloo about writing mills, but I think it's really great!