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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Leave some love for Clogs and Tulips

PhotobucketBeen rather lonely here on the blog, hasn't it? I guess an almost-eleven-month-old, a dog, a career change, a presidential election, and, well, just life in general will do that to you.

It's my sincere hope to get on the blog more, though I can't make any promises in regards to regularity. Believe you me, there is so much I need to share, so there's certainly no shortage of possible blog posts. It's just finding the time to make them a regularity.

What I can say is that, while the blog will still contain informational posts, guest posts, Q&As, and all that other stuff you've been coming here for, it's going to start taking a much more reflective tone. All I'll say for the time being is that it goes with the flow of some of the changes in my personal life in the last year.

It occurred to me today that I've been at this crazy blogging thing for three years now. And it's been an excellent three years. For me, anyway. I've learned more about myself and this country I now call home through this blog and met some incredible people.

If, during those three years, this blog has touch or helped you in some way, please consider taking a moment to support Clogs and Tulips by leaving a comment sharing some of those things and giving the blog a rating. You see, this blog has been nominated for the Expat Blog Award. And the comment and rating count as your vote. You can vote for Clogs and Tulips as well as the numerous other excellent expat blogs (in the Netherlands and throughout the rest of the world).

To leave a comment, click here or the award icon in the right-hand sidebar, scroll down the page that pops up until you get to the comment box, pop in a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5-star rating, your name, an email address, and a comment (at the moment, this area is completely empty, so you can even be the first to vote!).

Whether you vote or not, thank you so much for reading the blog, leaving comments, contributing, sharing, submitting your questions, and passing along the blog's information.

Till next time!

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Tania Carpio said...

I found your blog today and I have to admit (and it is slightly embarrassing, lol)that I spent a good portion of the afternoon reading through your posts!

One of my closest friends is Dutch (lives in Amsterdam) so I know how life is like there for him. However, I've always wondered about Dutch life from an American perspective so I'll be coming back regularly to read your posts!

-Tania said...

Have always enjoyed your insights and musings, and look forward to many, many more. More reflective? Bring it on!