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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Giveaway at Clogs and Tulips – Two Tickets to the Amsterdam Dungeon

I am very excited to announce the first ever giveaway here on Clogs and Tulips: An American in Holland!

The folks over at Amsterdam Dungeon have generously donated two tickets to their attraction.

What is the Amsterdam Dungeon?

A fun-filled 500-year Amsterdam history lesson + a two-minute indoor roller coaster ride + cool special effects + eleven live theater shows + the opportunity to be a part of the action.

What’s not to love?

AND you’ll get it all for free!

But…. I’ve only got two tickets to give away. So I’m gonna make you work for ‘em.

Here’s how it works:

  • The contest will run the entire month of June
  • You’ll be able to earn points the entire month (more on that below)
  • I will select one winner and announce them on the blog on July 2nd

Now how can you earn those points?

You get…

1 point for every comment you leave on past posts on this blog between now and June 30th.

3 points when you Tweet the link to this post using the hashtag #americancloggie (maximum of ONE tweet per day and the hashtag MUST be used for it to count)

5 points for Like-ing the Clogs and Tulips: An American in Holland Facebook page***
***The C&T Facebook page has been taken down. For the same great info, head here.

10 points for every comment left on any new posts to this blog

The reader with the most points as of June 30th at 12pm Eastern Standard Time (that’s 6pm Amsterdam time) will be declared the winner.

Check out the Amsterdam Dungeon's official website for more information.

Best of luck to everyone and I look forward to seeing you around on the Interwebs!

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1 comment:

Tiffany said...

Congratulations to Julie McAninch, the winner of the very first Clogs and Tulips giveaway! Julie, please send me an email with your mailing address to to claim your prize :)