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Tiffany Jansen 

blogger, writer, entrepreneur, Migrating Yankee

They say that most people go on vacation and bring back souvenirs... Dutchmen go on vacation and bring back women. These are just a few of my adventures and observations as an American now living in the land of clogs and tulips!

It is most likely that I exited the womb an avid traveler. I've always loved going places, whether that be the eight-hour car ride from Maryland to visit my Dad's parents in North Carolina or the lengthy flight to Japan I took when I was less than a year old.

Then there was the study abroad in London, the frequent family vacations to various destinations in Europe, the myriad exchange students we housed, seven years of foreign language study, two years living in the international dormitory at American University, and the study abroad in London.

Now I'm in a bi-cultural relationship, the owner of an exPET, the mother of a dual citizen, soon-to-be-bilingual baby girl and in my fourth year in the Netherlands.

In case you wanna know...
  1. My husband is Dutch. We met through mutual friends (my American friend and his Irish friend, who happen to be married to each other) in 2007 and were married in 2008.
  2. I once opened a concert for Peter Tork of The Monkees.
  3. Since 2008 I've been living in the Netherlands, but I'm originally from Maryland.
  4. My favorite TV show is Dark Shadows and my favorite band is The Monkees.
  5. I love making crafts and have done knitting, sewing, crocheting, painting, cross-stitch, jewelry making, tile mosaics, woodwork, scultpure, and t-shirt design.
  6. In 2009, I started my own company, Little Broadway. A musical theater/theater workshop, our mission is to bring "a little bit of Broadway to the Netherlands."
  7. Countries I've been to include Japan, China, Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, the UK, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands.
  8. My favorite food is Mexican.
  9. Since the age of six, I have been seen onstage in over 50 professional, amateur, college, and high school productions.
  10. I competed in the Miss America system for several years. My talent was singing and my platform was eating disorder awareness and education.
  11. My books Mary's Story and Mary's Holiday Story were awarded a 2011 Creative Child Magazine award for Best Book.
  12. From 2004 to 2008, I was a performer at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, starting out in the dance company and ending up with my head on the block as King Henry VIII of England's fifth wife, Katherine Howard.
  13. In 2004, I spent a semester abroad in London at the British American Drama Academy, which boasts such alumnae as Orlando Bloom and David Schwimmer.
  14. I've got two kids: a daughter and a four-footed, furry son.

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