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Tiffany Jansen

Travel blogger, freelance writer and copywriter, 
Dutch to English translator

Who I am

I'm Tiffany, a Jane-of-all-trades with a knack for wordplay and a fearless approach to writing.

After moving to the Netherlands from Maryland, USA, I started a blog about my experience as an expat, which evolved into guest posts on other expat blogs and writing content for various expat websites.

I started breaking into expat publications such as ACCESS Magazine, XM Magazine and Family-Matters Magazine, clips from which landed me a gig as a regular contributor for The Holland Times newspaper.

I've done copywriting for Little Broadway and Medieval Maidens and am a blogger and social media manager for Amsterdam City Tours. That got me into writing book reviews for Xpat Media and The Xpat Journal, in addition to selling articles to The Xpat Journal.

My written work has also been seen on WOW: Women on Writing and the WM Pet, Review, and Freelance Writers Connections.

What I do

I write for blogs, websites, small businesses, magazines, and newspapers. Health & fitness, fashion, pets, arts & culture, travel, parenting, gardening, business, and history are just a few of the topics I cover.

Why I'm the best choice for you

My writing is dynamic, concise, entertaining, and well-researched. I'm enthusiastic and easy to work with, always checking my inner diva at the door.

I put the same amount of time and care into your next writing project that I put into my own promotional content.

My degree is in theater. I spent years studying people, getting to know people, how they tick, what makes them act and react and do the things they do. I know what people are looking for, what they want and how, when, where, and why. By getting to know your clients and the type of services you provide, I can craft content that speaks directly to them, reaches out to them and makes them pay attention.

More importantly, I use my training to suit the writing to your readers and clients.

You can count on me to deliver strong content in a timely manner.

An Nederlands als Tweede Taal (Dutch as a Second Language) diploma holder, I also offer Dutch-to-English translation.

For clips, testimonials, and more information, visit me at www.tiffanyrjansen.com.

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